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IMAP4 Access Control Lists (ACL's) provide the option to share IMAP folders. The following shows each of the shared folders on your system, to which users have access rights, and what those access rights are. The user 'anyone' applies to everyone on the system. You may see a folder beside 'anyone' and also beside another user's name. This could be done in order to assign a different set of Access Rights (i.e.: Admin SETACL rights allowing remote rights management of the folder) to the single user. You may also see a user name and unique folder which indicates that one of the user's own folders has been shared. That user will need SETACL rights in order to share access rights with other users. Please see "help"

UserShared Mailbox lookup read seen write insert post create delete administer
anyone #Public/perlcoding111011000
anyone #Public/DBMA111111000
anyone #Public/Developers111011000
anyone #Public/weekends111011000
anyone #Public/testttt111011000
anyone #Public/snippets111011000
anyone 48/Seen_messages000000000
anyone #Public/News111111000
anyone #Public/testtt2111011000
anyone #Public/111011000
anyone #Public/test111011000
anyone #Public/test2111011000
David #Public/test111111000
Dileep #Public/testttt000000000
Dileep #Public/snippets111111000
elliahk elliahk/INBOX111111000
mike #Public/test2111111000
mike #Public/News111111000
mike #Public/Developers111111000
mike #Public/weekends111111111
mike #Public/DBMA111111111
ozzy984@hotmail.com ozzy984@hotmail.com/INBOX111111000
postmaster #Public/DBMA111111111
start #Public/111111000
test4 test4/Seen_messages111111111