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DBMA: Access Control List Tools Auto Notify Help File

IMAP4 ACLs provide the option to share IMAP folders. If you have no shared folders, this is your tool to create them.
System check: #Public already exists. That's good. and the user "anyone" does exist. Good.
DBMA assigns limited user access rights to "anyone" (userID 2). User access rights are controlled from the User Account Window. You can permit users to have higher priviledged access rights or even administration rights. Users can share their own folders with one another or share common #Public/folders. Read help.

Create a Shared Folder:

Update user NewManually update or add user access rights to any shared folders. Enter UserID or User Name. The "2: is "anyone".
All Shared Folders
#Users & #Public
lookup read seen write insert post create delete administer

Available Public shared folders. If you must delete a #Users/folder, go to the User's Account Window