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MTA Access
A 'Whitelist / Blacklist tool': This is an excellent method for fine-grain tuning your MTA access *or* you can rely completely on this method for access control in most MTAs, certainly in Postfix and Sendmail. Your MTA must be compiled *--with-XXsql* and configured to use MySQL or PostgreSQL. If you already use MTA Domains for your destination addresses and or mail transport, the appropriate tables for this feature exist. If not, please read help and learn how to do this from the configuration window. With this tool, you create the 'sender' / 'action' directive for the MTA.
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2evilhackers.com REJECT
3badspammers.com REJECT
4wickedmailbombers.com REJECT
5theevilspammer.com REJECT
6thenastybastards.com REJECT
7sickmendedspammers.com REJECT
8trojanpushers.com REJECT